Hire a loan without complications

Quick credits are a very convenient solution that we can resort to if we have some unforeseen incidents that we did not have. Thanks to these innovative financial products we can get up to 1,200 euros with a 100% online process and have the money right now.

The 3 types of credits that allow us to obtain money already

The financial landscape has changed radically in recent times, since now, thanks to the numerous private equity companies that have arrived in our country, it is possible to have the money right now with several different financial products. Currently, we can get money already with different types of products with different characteristics and for different purposes:

  1. Mini-credits: they are loans with a personal guarantee that allow having in less than 15 minutes amounts that are around 1,000 euros. For new customers, the maximum amount is usually lower since it will be around 200 or 300 euros depending on the lender. They hardly require documentation and we can request them 100% online. Your maximum repayment period is around 30 days and they are returned in a single payment at the end of the term. Their cost is around 1.1% daily and they do not have commissions or linked products.
  2. Fast loans of greater magnitude: if we are not enough with the amount of a quick credit, there are lenders that offer bigger urgent loans, with which we can get amounts from 3,000 euros in only 48 hours, for any purpose and without too much paperwork. Your cost will vary from the term and the amount requested, although it is usually around 8% APR. They can have commissions and connections, although it is not common. Your repayment term can range from 3 months to 10 years, according to the selected amount.
  3. Credit cards: Banks can also offer us the possibility of obtaining money through credit cards, which will allow us to finance our purchases instantly if we already have one, although we can take a week to hire it if we do not have it. The maximum limit can range from 600 euros to 8,000 euros. In addition, if we decide to repay the credit used at the beginning of the following month, we will not pay interest. If we choose to reimburse the money in monthly installments, we will charge interest that, on average, is around 2% per month.

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that some conventional banks, in view of the enormous competition, have also entered the world of fast loans and in some concrete cases offer the possibility of contracting bank loans quickly. Another option to get quick money is to ask the bank for a payroll advance, although not all of these advances are fast, nor do they grant them to any user.

Can I have the money already today?

These non payday installment loans, allow us to get the money very quickly. Normally since our application has been approved, the money will take around 10 minutes to reach our bank account. However, although the entity makes the transfer of funds to our account instantly, there are times when the money can take between one and two days to arrive.

This delay is due to the way in which transfers are made. While transfers of money between accounts of the same bank are made instantly, transfers between different banks may take longer. Since the lenders do not have current accounts in each bank in the country, if we choose an entity that does not work with our bank, it will take longer to receive it.

How can I get money fast?

The way in which fast money loans are requested has also evolved a lot in recent years. In the past, when we wanted to obtain financing, we had to go to the bank branch on numerous occasions and after carrying out numerous procedures with the entity, they finally granted us the money we needed or not. However, thanks to private lenders, we now have the possibility to request the money already and have loans in 10 minutes.

The long procedures and the excessive paperwork that had to be carried out previously have also been replaced by much more agile and fast processes thanks to the lenders. But it is not the only improvement that has occurred in the financial sector. These private equity entities have also been able to adapt their business models to the online world and now it is possible to save on paperwork thanks to the fact that with them we can apply for bad credit loans online and get the money already and without leaving home- Full Report on bad credit loans.

Each entity has its own online application process but, normally, what we will have to do is: insert the amount and the term we need in the loan simulator, fill in a form with our data, attach a series of basic documents (in case that the application has been pre-approved) and, after receiving the contract, read it and accept it. That way we can get money already in our account.

Essential documents to obtain money already

It is a fact that the immediate credits do not require just documentation since they manage to carry out the process with such speed thanks to the fact that they do not demand too many paperwork. However, lenders need a minimum of documentation and most of them will require the following:

  • Identity document: DNI, NIE or passport, to make sure that we are of legal age and that we reside permanently in Spanish territory.
  • Proof of income: any document that verifies that we enjoy a regular and sufficient income to meet the payments of the quick credits in the previously established terms.
  • Bank statement: this way the lender will know our income and expenses and can know our economic and credit history. In addition, they need this document to realize the capital income.

Before sending the necessary documentation, it is important that we are sure that it is updated and that the photocopies of what we send are perfectly legible. Otherwise, the private entity may throw back our request until we send the documents correctly and this will slow down the granting of urgent money.

The forms to request money urgently online

After selecting the amount and term of the express credit that interests us, the urgent money lenders will ask us to fill out a simple online form to process the application. The information required will vary according to the risk policy of each entity, but as a general rule, all companies need the following personnel, labor, and banking data to verify the solvency of the applicants:

  • Amount and term: we will have to add the amount that we want to request and the term in which we will decide to reimburse it.
  • Personal information: name, surnames, date of birth and identity document number
  • Contact information: email, current address (how long have we lived there) and phone number
  • Economic situation: monthly income, monthly fixed expenses (rent, mortgage, invoices …), to which bank we belong and our current account number
  • Work situation: level of studies, branch of studies, type of work, type of contract, seniority in the company, rank, etc.

Together with the form, we will have to send the documents required by the entity so that it can verify that the information we have sent is correct. It is recommended that, before filling out and sending the form, we make sure that all the information is optimal, is updated and that the photocopies of all the documents are perfectly legible.

Is it possible to get money immediately without payroll?

Until a few years ago, all the profiles that came out of the classic worker account have been watched with a magnifying glass in many conventional banks. In fact, it was quite exceptional for banks to grant them any request for financing. However, the arrival of private equity companies has provided a way for people who do not have a payroll to obtain financing.

Now, with the vast majority of private lenders, it is possible to get money already without being an employee. Not having payroll is no longer an impediment for us to lend money even to some banks. However, to get money without having payroll we have to present a document to the lender that proves that we have a recurring income with which we will be able to deal with the urgent loans that we hire.

In this way, profiles such as pensioners, the self-employed or the unemployed who receive a benefit, among others, can also access quick loans with the same conditions as their income meets the conditions required to be sufficient, regular and justifiable.

Sánchez tackles the internal tension by the autonomic financing and demands from the Government a proposal


La portavoz parlamentaria del PSOE, Margarita Robles, y el secretario general socialista, Pedro Sánchez.

The parliamentary spokesperson of the PSOE, Margarita Robles, and the socialist secretary general, Pedro Sánchez. PSOE

The general secretary of the PSOE, Pedro Sanchez, held on Wednesday a round of talks with the barons of the party to set a position on the reform of regional financing and the demands of the Socialists to the Government in this matter. In recent days, several autonomous presidents had called attention to the delay that accumulates the approval of the new model for the communities of the general regime in comparison with the haste with which the renewal of the Basque quota in the Congress has been processed, where this Thursday will receive green light with the vote in favor, among others, of the PSOE.

Fuentes de Ferraz insist that there is a agreed position in this matter. On Monday, the permanent of the federal Executive, led by Sanchez, met with the leadership of the Valencian Socialists, whose leader, Ximo Puig, is one of the leaders with greater emphasis claims the renewal of funding. In that meeting, a resolution was passed that requires the government to present a proposal before December 31 , and that the PSOE aims to “negotiate” the reform. Sanchez advanced already then that he was not going to “block” the approval of the quota, but he demanded the PP to abandon his “negligence” legislative.

The PSOE federal leadership reiterates that the document is “agreed” with the barons, and although he admits that he would have liked “regional funding to be discussed before approving the quota,” he recalls that drawing up a proposal is the responsibility of Rajoy, who Several times he has committed to raise his model before the end of 2017. “We have a position in this matter”, insists a regional secretary general related to Ferraz, which downplays the possible internal discrepancies and recalls that the PSOE is the “only “party that has fixed its position in a document.

Díaz, Puig, Fernández …

In recent days, however, several socialist governments had expressed some complaint. The Andalusian vice-president, Manuel Jiménez Barrios, said on Tuesday that the “desirable” would have been to debate the time and reform of the model for the autonomy of the general regime . The Board maintains that each year it loses 850 million euros with the current calculation. The parliamentary spokesman of PSOE-A, Mario Jiménez, demanded on Wednesday Rajoy to give the “same hurry” with the rest of the communities that the quota, and claimed that it meets “strictly” his role that Euskadi “also” contribute to interterritorial “solidarity”.

For his part, the spokesman of the Socialist group in the Valencian Parliament, Manuel Mata, denounced that the Government is “working” to “protect the Basques through a quota that is already guaranteed by the Constitution” while “abandons to the rest of Spaniards “. In addition, he considered that the Valencian debt is “unpayable” and opted for the “forgiveness of the 20,000 million euros derived from underfunding” of the Region that governs Ximo Puig. For Mata, the absence of a new funding model reflects the “incompetence” of Rajoy and is the “hardest blow” to the “Valencian autonomy for many years.”

The Asturian president, Javier Fernandez, said on Tuesday that “it would be advisable that instead of approving now the law of the quota for five years be approved in a few months, when the autonomic financing system is being negotiated”. Fernandez also considered that “Euskadi is very overfunded.” He also rejected the separate negotiation of the Basque quota the Minister of Finance of Castilla-La Mancha, Juan Alfonso Ruiz Molina, for whom “it does not seem that it is desirable” that the Government is “working on the financing of a single autonomous community” while the The rest is still waiting for reform.

The Aragonese Javier Lambán, finally, said on Wednesday that his intention is that the PSOE reach the debate on regional funding with a position “as homogeneous as possible” , although he admitted that “govern who governs” in Aragon, his position will possibly be more similar “to that of Castilla y León than to Andalusia”. That is to say, in the words of a Sanchista autonomic office, that when the melon is opened and the details have to be black on white, each autonomy will “sweep home” and the “different interests” of each regional government will have to be combined.

The quota is not touched

Related to Sanchez recognize that they do not like that the Government closed the quota in “bilateral negotiations with the PNV.” A regional secretary general criticizes that the PP, which in the past “has said atrocities on the quota and the Basque concert”, now give Euskadi “more money than ever” . But, in any case, those aligned with the federal leadership remember that the PSOE “defends that system” because “it is in the Constitution”, point out that in the past Federal Political Council – the body where the barons meet – “nobody raised discrepancies “and remember that the responsibility in this matter belongs to the Government.

“The PP governs, and not precisely because it has wanted the current direction of the PSOE, ” says a regional 20 minutes Sanchista , who describes as “irresponsible” talk of “grievances” between autonomous communities and calls for the focus on the demand to the Government to present a concrete plan, something that is not “responsibility” of the Socialists. Fuentes de Ferraz agrees with this position and underlines that the PSOE has clear principles: “guarantee equality in access to public services throughout the territory and ensure the financial sufficiency of autonomy,” says a member of the Executive.

Hacienda extends the deadlines

Sources from the Ministry of Finance, for their part, do not foresee having a proposal on regional financing this year , despite Sánchez’s demands. In the department of Montoro they explain that they prefer to delay the proposal so that it does not give the impression of trying to please the Catalans just before 21-D. The minister himself said Wednesday in the Committee on Budgets of Congress that his intention is to incorporate the new system of regional financing to the General State Budget for 2018, which will take the Chamber once the “democratic normality” in Catalonia is restored.

The leadership of the PSOE believes that “in the end there will be reform” of funding, and blames the pre-election context in Catalonia that the Government takes long. “Now his role is to cool us, and ours, to try to mark the step, is normal,” they comment in Ferraz. Sources of the Executive of the PSOE consider possible to engage in a negotiation on the reform of the autonomic financing, but they make clear that in no case they consider to abstain or to vote in favor of the budgets: they will vote against. The socialists, in fact, are “fine-tuning” their “alternative budgets” , which they plan to present in January.

Controversy over the hiring of Lamela by a company that manages a privatized hospital

Controversy over the hiring of Lamela by a company that manages a privatized hospital

Manuel Lamela

The ex-Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid, Manuel Lamela. EFE

The hiring of the ex-Regional Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid Manuel Lamela by the group that acquired one of the concessionaires of the Hospital del Tajo de Aranjuez has provoked harsh criticism on Tuesday between the parties, who have coincided in failing their signing from the point of view “ethical and moral”.

Opposition political groups have accused Lamela of joining Assignia Infraestructuras, a company that participates in the Temporary Union of Companies (UTE) that manages services of the Tejo hospital, tendered and awarded during the stage in which this was a counselor Health, as reported by the SER chain on Tuesday.

The general secretary of the PSM, Tomás Gómez, has denounced that there is “a whole network” between the Government of the PP and “the interests of private companies” of health and has mentioned other cases of health counselors who have ended up in private companies, as Juan José Güemes, case of which already reported 20minutos.es in January.

There is a framework between the PP and private health companies “ For its part, the IU spokesman in the Assembly, Gregorio Gordo, has said it is ” scandalous “ that someone” who has worked in certain sectors and who has even been responsible of adjudication to spend a short time to work in that same company. “The Association for the Defense of Public Health has also described this contract as” scandalous “.

From UPyD, Luis de Velasco has indicated that for “ethical and moral” reasons, it is not “receipt” that someone “who has been responsible for an award goes to work in the same company”.

Finally, the PP spokesman, Íñigo Henríquez de Luna, said that the relationship between Lamela and the company Assignia Infraestructuras is “indirect” and pointed out that the former councilor did not carry out “any management with the Ministry since he left in 2007 “

In the national sphere, the spokesman of the PP in the Congress, Alfonso Alonso, has expressed his conviction that Lamela is complying with the rules on incompatibilities of high positions in his current private activities, referring to the time elapsed since he left his role as responsible of Health

For his part, the current Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, stressed that Lamela “in no time” has used his previous position to carry out negotiations with his department or with the Hospital del Tajo in favor of the concessionaire.

In this regard, the Minister of Health, Ana Mato, has been “safe” that the former Madrid Health Counselor, who “has been many years” in the private sector, “meets all compatibility standards.” “He will give the corresponding explanations,” he said.

He was signed by the company in 2010

The company Assignia Infraestructuras has defended that the Essentium group, of which it is part, fulfilled “at all times” the legality and observed the law of compatibilities when it appointed in 2010 as a director to Lamela.

A spokesperson for Assignia has indicated that, during the Lamela mandate, between 2003 and 2007, the Community tendered and awarded the services of eight hospitals, among which is the Tajo, to a total of 25 companies.

Lamela was signed as an expert in management of medical facilities Among them is the Hispanic construction, one of the three companies that makes up the Temporary Union of Companies (UTE) that resulted in 2005 awarded the center and was sold in 2009 to the Essentium group when its owner , Alfonso García Pozuelo, had to face his debts with the Treasury when he was charged in the Gürtel case. After the purchase, Assignia undertook a profound “renovation process” at Hispánica -capital, shareholders, dome- and incorporated its 1,600 workers on the payroll.

The purchase of Hispania, concludes the spokesperson of the company, motivates that Assignia now has the “obligation by contract” to take responsibility for the award of the Aranjuez hospital.

In 2010, Essentium appointed Lamela advisor to Assignia as an “expert in the management of medical facilities for hospital services”, a line of business that the group has maintained “for a long time” through the company Eductrade, for advice in this area and in the “international projection” of the company.

A guide to aid to SMEs due to the crisis



José Luiz Rodríguez Zapatero.

Plan E includes measures against the government crisis. ARCHIVE

The President of the Government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, announced on Sunday a new extraordinary line of guarantees for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), through the ICO and endowed with 3,000 million euros, to guarantee the collection of invoices endorsed to municipal works and services.

These are all measures that the Government has taken to facilitate the business of the companies during the current economic crisis:


The ICO-PYMAR line is a sectorial line of the ICO endowed with 200 million euros in 2009 , destined to finance the needs of the different shipbuilding contracts of the Spanish private shipyards for the completion of their order portfolios that will help to solve existing credit restrictions for the private shipyard sector.

ICO-Liquidity Line for SMEs and the self-employed

The new line of the ICO, ICO-Liquidity, specific to finance money circulating to SMEs. This is an exceptional measure since up until now the ICO had only financed the investment. This line will be endowed with 10,000 million euros , of which 5,000 are contributed by the ICO and the rest by financial institutions.

ICO-Liquidity Line for medium-sized companies

This is a complementary measure to the line of liquidity to SMEs launched at the beginning of the year, but aimed at larger companies. This line will be endowed with 6,000 million euros , of which 3,000 are contributed by the ICO and the rest by financial institutions. Each company may request a maximum of 10 million euros, to be returned within a period of three years, with one year’s grace period.

ICO Line-Manufacturing Sectors

The expansion for another three years of the ICO-Improvement Competitiveness of the manufacturing sectors during the period 2009-2011, with an endowment of 150 million euros . The beneficiaries: companies in the textile-clothing, footwear, furniture, toy, tanning, leather goods and wood sectors.

Monthly VAT refund

Since January 2009, VAT taxpayers will be able to request the refunds that correspond to them month by month, without needing to wait until the end of the year. That is going to mean that they receive some 6,000 million euros in advance in 2009.

Corporate tax

Investments in new assets subject to economic activities, acquired during the tax periods commenced in 2009 and 2010, may be amortized freely, provided that the company maintains its workforce. All Taxpayers of Corporate Tax will benefit, that is, 1,350,000 companies , of which more than one million are SMEs.

Postponement of Social Security contributions

The criteria for granting deferrals of payment of Social Security contributions are made more flexible, for those companies with liquidity problems that commit themselves to the maintenance of employment. The postponements will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.

Reduction of legal interest rate and delay

The interest on arrears is reduced by 2 percentage points, which is reduced from 7% to 5%, and by 1.5 points, the legal interest of the money, which goes from 5.5 to 4% . For example, for a tax debt of 10,000 euros, it represents an interest saving of 200 euros per year.

ICO lines of support for the company 2009

The traditional ICO lines of support for the company are extended and improved, including the ICO-SME line (10,000 million euros), ICO-Internationalization (200 million), ICO-Entrepreneurs (100 million), and ICO- Business Growth (600 million). The total mobilized funds for all the programs supposes 10,900 million euros for the year 2009 .

New line ICO-Moratoria SMEs

New ICO line that allows the deferment during 2009 of the amortization of loans granted with the ICO-PYME line. It supposes that the companies will be able to postpone the payment of 5,000 million euros. The deferred amounts will be returned to ICO through a single payment, within one, two, three or five years from January 2010, at a preferential interest rate.


The ICO-PROINMED line is a ICO mediation line for the financing of medium-sized investment projects. Through this program, it is intended to provide credit institutions with funds to finance, under market conditions, investments in new productive assets or the acquisition of shares of companies.

Securitization Funds for Treasury SMEs

The FTPYME line, introduced in 2008, extends to 2009 and 2010, through which the State may grant guarantees to guarantee fixed income securities issued by asset securitization funds.

Split payment of Corporation Tax

The option has been given to the taxpayers to choose the method of calculating the installment payments during 2008, so as not to penalize the companies for the change of accounting system. This means that the upwelling of capital gains that could be generated with the application from January 1, 2008 of the valuation rules of the new General Accounting Plan have not been taken into account when calculating the split payments of April, October and December , on account of the benefits of 2008. This has meant the postponement of payment of 3,000 million euros .

City Council awarded 634 social housing units in 3 years compared to 573 of three previous legislatures


 Pablo Híjar, at a press conference on Wednesday at the City Council EUROPE PRESS

The municipal society of Zaragoza-Housing has awarded 634 social rental homes in three years -from 2015 to 2018- compared to 573 of the three previous legislatures, between 2003 and 2015. These data reveal that there have been 17.6 adjudications to the month over the 6,6 of the previous mandate or the 2,3 of the period 2003-07.

Estimates suggest that the current mandate could reach 840 homes, which would be a “conservative” projection, said Councilor for Housing and Sports, Pablo Híjar. “The policies of the city council have changed for good and it is not enough, but all that is in our hands will be to meet these demands.”

At a press conference, Híjar said that of the 634 social rental houses awarded, 61 percent are of general access through the municipal social rent bag; while the remaining 33 percent are due to housing emergency to respond to judicial proceedings for mortgage or rental debt, to serve vulnerable groups such as

victims of sexist violence, refugees or homeless.

victims of sexist violence, refugees or homeless.

The coexistence units that access by the general procedure must meet three basic conditions such as having a home, being registered in Zaragoza and having an annual net income of more than 5,100 euros and less than 26,855 euros.

The next group, by number, accesses through the Municipal Housing Office, which is 18.3 percent. These are families immersed in legal proceedings for mortgage debt or for rent and with high risk of losing their home. They only access social rental housing when mediation interventions have no positive result and there is no other alternative to avoid social exclusion.


10.5 percent of housing emergency cases are solved through the agreement between

Zaragoza-Housing and the Government of Aragon for vulnerable living units in a housing emergency due to the loss of their habitual residence. With the same objective, 4.3 percent of the allotments deriving from the agreement with the General Council of the Judiciary are dealt with.

In this regard, Híjar has considered that this agreement, which dates from the previous term “should not be used because it is exceeded and has no legal framework is only an agreement.”

The other 5.9 percent of the awards come from situations of vulnerability linked to programs of the Social Rights area of ​​the Zaragoza City Council.

Híjar has detailed that the homes come from the program of municipal social rent that reach more than 350 signed homes, from the conversion of 191 sheltered housing for rent in a block of Parque Goya that supposed an “important niche” and other operations as it will shorten the times between the departure of one tenant and the entrance of another.

“At present there are more than 2,200 social rental houses and before 2015 there were 1,535, which is a difference of almost 40 percent.”

On the other hand, he has opined that it is “urgent” that the Government presided by Pedro Sánchez undertakes the reform of the Mortgage Law and the Urban Leasing Law, in addition to placing limitations on the rental price.

Híjar has reported that last week there was an eviction of a family that had regularized their social rental housing, but was in a bad situation.

“It was a substandard housing, there was a problem with the property that led to the non-payment of rent for what was evicted, this family should be the responsibility of the Government of Aragon realojarla, but it has been Zaragoza-Housing who has taken over.”

In this regard, has indicated that it attracts attention because it occurs with assiduity that many houses of cheap rentals of financial entities and individuals are in very poor condition and there is misinformation and defenselessness of the tenants because they do not know the rights that assist them, so the City Council considers how to establish some point of advice for these affected.

Híjar has warned that an eviction is planned next Tuesday for a Roma couple with 3 children living in housing

occupied by an entity with which it was reached a commitment to study the situation to offer a social rent but when moving to Sareb “the bad bank disregards the commitments with the family and activates the eviction”.

Zaragoza Housing has been trying to mediate in this case for a year and has relied on an attempt of the

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