Controversy over the hiring of Lamela by a company that manages a privatized hospital

Controversy over the hiring of Lamela by a company that manages a privatized hospital

Manuel Lamela

The ex-Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid, Manuel Lamela. EFE

The hiring of the ex-Regional Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid Manuel Lamela by the group that acquired one of the concessionaires of the Hospital del Tajo de Aranjuez has provoked harsh criticism on Tuesday between the parties, who have coincided in failing their signing from the point of view “ethical and moral”.

Opposition political groups have accused Lamela of joining Assignia Infraestructuras, a company that participates in the Temporary Union of Companies (UTE) that manages services of the Tejo hospital, tendered and awarded during the stage in which this was a counselor Health, as reported by the SER chain on Tuesday.

The general secretary of the PSM, Tomás Gómez, has denounced that there is “a whole network” between the Government of the PP and “the interests of private companies” of health and has mentioned other cases of health counselors who have ended up in private companies, as Juan José Güemes, case of which already reported in January.

There is a framework between the PP and private health companies “ For its part, the IU spokesman in the Assembly, Gregorio Gordo, has said it is ” scandalous “ that someone” who has worked in certain sectors and who has even been responsible of adjudication to spend a short time to work in that same company. “The Association for the Defense of Public Health has also described this contract as” scandalous “.

From UPyD, Luis de Velasco has indicated that for “ethical and moral” reasons, it is not “receipt” that someone “who has been responsible for an award goes to work in the same company”.

Finally, the PP spokesman, Íñigo Henríquez de Luna, said that the relationship between Lamela and the company Assignia Infraestructuras is “indirect” and pointed out that the former councilor did not carry out “any management with the Ministry since he left in 2007 “

In the national sphere, the spokesman of the PP in the Congress, Alfonso Alonso, has expressed his conviction that Lamela is complying with the rules on incompatibilities of high positions in his current private activities, referring to the time elapsed since he left his role as responsible of Health

For his part, the current Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, stressed that Lamela “in no time” has used his previous position to carry out negotiations with his department or with the Hospital del Tajo in favor of the concessionaire.

In this regard, the Minister of Health, Ana Mato, has been “safe” that the former Madrid Health Counselor, who “has been many years” in the private sector, “meets all compatibility standards.” “He will give the corresponding explanations,” he said.

He was signed by the company in 2010

The company Assignia Infraestructuras has defended that the Essentium group, of which it is part, fulfilled “at all times” the legality and observed the law of compatibilities when it appointed in 2010 as a director to Lamela.

A spokesperson for Assignia has indicated that, during the Lamela mandate, between 2003 and 2007, the Community tendered and awarded the services of eight hospitals, among which is the Tajo, to a total of 25 companies.

Lamela was signed as an expert in management of medical facilities Among them is the Hispanic construction, one of the three companies that makes up the Temporary Union of Companies (UTE) that resulted in 2005 awarded the center and was sold in 2009 to the Essentium group when its owner , Alfonso García Pozuelo, had to face his debts with the Treasury when he was charged in the Gürtel case. After the purchase, Assignia undertook a profound “renovation process” at Hispánica -capital, shareholders, dome- and incorporated its 1,600 workers on the payroll.

The purchase of Hispania, concludes the spokesperson of the company, motivates that Assignia now has the “obligation by contract” to take responsibility for the award of the Aranjuez hospital.

In 2010, Essentium appointed Lamela advisor to Assignia as an “expert in the management of medical facilities for hospital services”, a line of business that the group has maintained “for a long time” through the company Eductrade, for advice in this area and in the “international projection” of the company.