Hire a loan without complications

Quick credits are a very convenient solution that we can resort to if we have some unforeseen incidents that we did not have. Thanks to these innovative financial products we can get up to 1,200 euros with a 100% online process and have the money right now.

The 3 types of credits that allow us to obtain money already

The financial landscape has changed radically in recent times, since now, thanks to the numerous private equity companies that have arrived in our country, it is possible to have the money right now with several different financial products. Currently, we can get money already with different types of products with different characteristics and for different purposes:

  1. Mini-credits: they are loans with a personal guarantee that allow having in less than 15 minutes amounts that are around 1,000 euros. For new customers, the maximum amount is usually lower since it will be around 200 or 300 euros depending on the lender. They hardly require documentation and we can request them 100% online. Your maximum repayment period is around 30 days and they are returned in a single payment at the end of the term. Their cost is around 1.1% daily and they do not have commissions or linked products.
  2. Fast loans of greater magnitude: if we are not enough with the amount of a quick credit, there are lenders that offer bigger urgent loans, with which we can get amounts from 3,000 euros in only 48 hours, for any purpose and without too much paperwork. Your cost will vary from the term and the amount requested, although it is usually around 8% APR. They can have commissions and connections, although it is not common. Your repayment term can range from 3 months to 10 years, according to the selected amount.
  3. Credit cards: Banks can also offer us the possibility of obtaining money through credit cards, which will allow us to finance our purchases instantly if we already have one, although we can take a week to hire it if we do not have it. The maximum limit can range from 600 euros to 8,000 euros. In addition, if we decide to repay the credit used at the beginning of the following month, we will not pay interest. If we choose to reimburse the money in monthly installments, we will charge interest that, on average, is around 2% per month.

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that some conventional banks, in view of the enormous competition, have also entered the world of fast loans and in some concrete cases offer the possibility of contracting bank loans quickly. Another option to get quick money is to ask the bank for a payroll advance, although not all of these advances are fast, nor do they grant them to any user.

Can I have the money already today?

These non payday installment loans, allow us to get the money very quickly. Normally since our application has been approved, the money will take around 10 minutes to reach our bank account. However, although the entity makes the transfer of funds to our account instantly, there are times when the money can take between one and two days to arrive.

This delay is due to the way in which transfers are made. While transfers of money between accounts of the same bank are made instantly, transfers between different banks may take longer. Since the lenders do not have current accounts in each bank in the country, if we choose an entity that does not work with our bank, it will take longer to receive it.

How can I get money fast?

The way in which fast money loans are requested has also evolved a lot in recent years. In the past, when we wanted to obtain financing, we had to go to the bank branch on numerous occasions and after carrying out numerous procedures with the entity, they finally granted us the money we needed or not. However, thanks to private lenders, we now have the possibility to request the money already and have loans in 10 minutes.

The long procedures and the excessive paperwork that had to be carried out previously have also been replaced by much more agile and fast processes thanks to the lenders. But it is not the only improvement that has occurred in the financial sector. These private equity entities have also been able to adapt their business models to the online world and now it is possible to save on paperwork thanks to the fact that with them we can apply for bad credit loans online and get the money already and without leaving home- Full Report on bad credit loans.

Each entity has its own online application process but, normally, what we will have to do is: insert the amount and the term we need in the loan simulator, fill in a form with our data, attach a series of basic documents (in case that the application has been pre-approved) and, after receiving the contract, read it and accept it. That way we can get money already in our account.

Essential documents to obtain money already

It is a fact that the immediate credits do not require just documentation since they manage to carry out the process with such speed thanks to the fact that they do not demand too many paperwork. However, lenders need a minimum of documentation and most of them will require the following:

  • Identity document: DNI, NIE or passport, to make sure that we are of legal age and that we reside permanently in Spanish territory.
  • Proof of income: any document that verifies that we enjoy a regular and sufficient income to meet the payments of the quick credits in the previously established terms.
  • Bank statement: this way the lender will know our income and expenses and can know our economic and credit history. In addition, they need this document to realize the capital income.

Before sending the necessary documentation, it is important that we are sure that it is updated and that the photocopies of what we send are perfectly legible. Otherwise, the private entity may throw back our request until we send the documents correctly and this will slow down the granting of urgent money.

The forms to request money urgently online

After selecting the amount and term of the express credit that interests us, the urgent money lenders will ask us to fill out a simple online form to process the application. The information required will vary according to the risk policy of each entity, but as a general rule, all companies need the following personnel, labor, and banking data to verify the solvency of the applicants:

  • Amount and term: we will have to add the amount that we want to request and the term in which we will decide to reimburse it.
  • Personal information: name, surnames, date of birth and identity document number
  • Contact information: email, current address (how long have we lived there) and phone number
  • Economic situation: monthly income, monthly fixed expenses (rent, mortgage, invoices …), to which bank we belong and our current account number
  • Work situation: level of studies, branch of studies, type of work, type of contract, seniority in the company, rank, etc.

Together with the form, we will have to send the documents required by the entity so that it can verify that the information we have sent is correct. It is recommended that, before filling out and sending the form, we make sure that all the information is optimal, is updated and that the photocopies of all the documents are perfectly legible.

Is it possible to get money immediately without payroll?

Until a few years ago, all the profiles that came out of the classic worker account have been watched with a magnifying glass in many conventional banks. In fact, it was quite exceptional for banks to grant them any request for financing. However, the arrival of private equity companies has provided a way for people who do not have a payroll to obtain financing.

Now, with the vast majority of private lenders, it is possible to get money already without being an employee. Not having payroll is no longer an impediment for us to lend money even to some banks. However, to get money without having payroll we have to present a document to the lender that proves that we have a recurring income with which we will be able to deal with the urgent loans that we hire.

In this way, profiles such as pensioners, the self-employed or the unemployed who receive a benefit, among others, can also access quick loans with the same conditions as their income meets the conditions required to be sufficient, regular and justifiable.